Clubs & Hobbies

Human Resource Development has been an integral part of the school curriculum. Various platforms are set up for the pupil to develop their talent potentialities so as to make a way for their creativity to shape through various clubs such as science club, Mathmatics club, Literary Club, Interactive clubs and so on.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school is aware of the fact that each child has some hidden potential, apart from academics which needs to be tapped. For this reason, many activities such as debates, quiz, dance, music, yoga, karetta etc. have been included in the curriculum. Specially trained teachers take up the activities and help students  to realize their inner capabilities as well as help them to think beyond academics.

Mathematics Club

Even though the term ‘mathematics’ is beyond the definitions, it handles a wide range of areas like quantity, structure, space, and change. Mathematics, the queen of all sciences has got a gamut of applications and as one of the most important essential tools in different fields such as medicine, engineering, science and even in social science also. The Club has been working as a friendly tool to get a person into the summit of the world of numbers. For better understanding and smooth functioning, the Club has been divided into five groups namely 1. Thales, the first true mathematician, 2. Pythagoras, known for Pythagorean theorem, 3 Euclid, the father of geometry, 4.Aryabhatta, known for place value system and approximation of pie and 5. Ramanujan, known for number theory. The Club often conducts mathematics quizzes, tasks to improve mathematical and logical ability, exhibitions and seminars. Special activities have been designed to make perfection in mathematical understanding. Additional classes are being given to the weak students. All the club activities are being done under the leadership of Mr. Heera Singh, the head of the department. On the whole the club is really a hub of numbers and calculations and finally semiotic epistemology.

Literary Club

Of course, language is not a barrier. We have to conquer it with courage. English, the lingua franca of the world, is one of the ever expanding languages in the world with one million words. With the special intention to teach the global language, the Literary Club has been taking tremendous efforts to reach the zenith of the world. Special practices are being given to the children by the teachers with commitment and dedication. If a person, who wants to conquer the world must utilize the attic of the Literary Club to master the four modules (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) of the language of globalization, Science & Technology and knowledge. The Literary Club is taking strains to improve the children’s grammar, pronunciation, art of writing (Calligraphy) and communication skill. The Club is really a habitat for language seekers.

Eco Club

On the 5th of July, as part of the environment day celebrations, the members of the club took initiative to plant a number of saplings in the school premises to make it look more green. The following are some of the undertakings of the club: we take care of the cleanliness of the school surrounding and instruct the students on waste management and personal hygiene;

quiz programmes are conducted at periodical intervals;

a school magazine is getting prepared by the members with the contribution on of everyone in the school.

At the end of it all, we feel proud that we are able to contribute our little to the cause of the preservation of nature.

Discipline Club

Discipline, the bridge between goal and accomplishment, is the hall mark of Vimal Hriday Convent School, Bawal. Admiration is evolved through the continuous evaluation of the discipline that one follows in one’s social life. Being a social animal and as part of our social life, we have to proceed some etiquettes to keep the movement of the society without impediments. Discipline is the back bone of an organized body. It is nothing but effective management. As an organized body the management has been giving prime concern to ensure the discipline of the children to make them tomorrow’s citizens of a composite society. As far as the experiences are concerned, discipline is the performance of a code of conduct. Under the magnetic leadership of Mr. Lumesh, the club has made its presence as part of student’s curricular activities. After all, the club has been really mobilizing its resources through a well disciplined life of the students. Discipline plays a pivotal role in success of a person. The activities of the club are tremendously progressing through personality development classes, seminars and different projects works. The members of the club are given the responsibility of checking the uniforms, punctuality and the discipline in their on class rooms. The club members take initiatives in conducting various physical training sessions during the physical training hours.

Science Club

The Science Club is a dynamic entity. Its members are not bound down just by theories and Practicals. They have shown their ability to construct models that actually win the admiration of those who witness their working. The Science Club has gone a long way in developing the scientific temper of the students. It helps their innovative and creative thinking. It has sharpened their abilities to solve any scientific problems thrown up at them. The Science has provided them with the scientific reasons of phenomena like thunder, lightning and rainbows.

Health & Hygiene Club

The health & Hygiene club is responsible for alerting its members to the dangers of eating street food in spite of its looking so tantalizingly tempting. Its members come regularly on stage with skits and plays highlighting the dangers of eating uncovered and fly infected food.

Kids Club

The Kids are constantly keeping their older blasé school mate entertained with their illustrated Nursery Rhymes, Dances and Stories of crows and foxes and grapes. Stories of magic and Lions add even more interest.