Mission for Achievement

Mission for Achievement

I. Improve reading habits of the students

  1. A well-established library with the up-to-date books
  2. Class Library


  1. A good number of aids in the classrooms for the use of the faculty.
  2. Practical Knowledge
  3. Stress on various skills and activities in the class room.


  1. A hall where TV is placed and educational videos are shown.
  2. Smart classes


  1. Develop a friendly environment in the school.
  2. Stress on moral values. Instructions given by the Heads as well as other faculty.


  1. Inculcate in the students love for Nature by planting trees, a vegetable garden, flower garden.


  1. Students should be responsible for the different activities.
    – Society for cleanliness on the school campus.
    – Gardening committee – students should be responsible for the gardens.