Our Founder

Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis, MEP, a French Priest was the founder of the Congregation of the Franciscan sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the 18th October 1884.

Fr. Louis was born on 18th Aug. 1806 in the city of Sanz in France. His father was Etheme Louis Dupuis and Mme Vigthnar Remi was his mother. Dupuis was his family name. He completed his high school education from the Sebastian high school in Sanz.

He was ordained a priest on the 25th April 1829. Two years later on the 25th May 1831 he joined the congregation of MEP. He was the man of the deepest faith and he had a generous charitable disposition. He spent his life in the service of the church, restoring many moral customs. His way of life and service reflected the words of Pope John Paul II, “the priest of tomorrow, no less than the priest of today, must resemble Christ” (Pastores Dabo Vobis #5). He dedicated himself to seek the perfection of charity in the service of God’s kingdom, for the honor of God, the building up of the Church and the Salvation of the World.

On the 4th July 1831 Fr. Louis set out on his voyage to India. He came to India as a missionary. He reached India on the 9th April 1832. He became a Parish Priest in Bangalore four months later. He changed his ministry according to its needs. On the 1st July 1840 he joined Mission Printing Press as a manager.

On the 18th January 1844 he participated in the Bishop’s synod at Pondicherry. There the Church realized the great need for women’s education. They were convinced that advancement in women’s education would nature a great piety in families. This would also raise the standards of families in general.

The synod member began to contemplate the possibility of establishing a congregation of Indian Sisters to whose care the education of women, imparting of moral and religious instructions along with secular education could be entrusted. It was at this juncture that Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis, MEP impelled by his earnest devotion to the accomplishment of the Divine will. Came forward to make this venture a reality. He founded our Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation.

He framed the Rules and regulations with simple and solid spirituality taken from the Franciscan sources. He keenly felt the pressing need of education for the poor, especially the girls and women in rural areas. He was the man, who worked without expecting any reward as a good leader and the best spiritual guide; he led the sisters, to understanding their inner feelings and accepting them as they were. He guided the sisters to grow in strong and healthy relationships and to preach the good news to the world His words inspired them and made them sanctify themselves and to walk on the right path. His perception was to find the Good qualities of human beings. He worked tirelessly for the growth of the congregation till his death on the 4th June 1874. His body was laid to rest in the Cathedral. Later, on the 13th April 1989 his body was exhumed and again solemnly laid to rest at Nirmala Novitiate at Pakkumudayanpet in Pondicherry.