Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the school curriculum. Well-planned computer education programmes have been introduced for students from class U.K.G upwards-

  • The computer labs are equipped with the latest technology.
  • Accessories include scanners and inkjet printers.
  • The school has the internet facility
  • Practical computing knowledge is imparted by specially trained teachers.

Science Lab

Through Science Club, it is possible to develop positive attitude towards learning science. We have number of activities including debate, science quiz, science exhibition, field trip conducting on scientifically important places.

  • The school has a well-equipped science laboratory.
  • The lab has sufficient provisions to carry out experiments in Physics, Biology & Chemistry.
  • Besides science equipment’s, there are many permanent models and specimens on display.
  • Students are encouraged to learn by practice.


  • All students from Std II to X can borrow books from the library.
  • Strict silence shall be observed in the library and the reading room.
  • Students who keep books longer than the time permitted will be fined five rupees per day.
  • The attention of the librarian should be drawn to the damage of books about to be borrowed.
  • Each pupil is entitled to take out on loan one book at a time while each teacher is entitled to take of out two books at a time and keep the same for 15 days.
  • Issue of books may at any time be suspended by order of the principal.
  • Books should be wrapped. All books taken from the library should be returned two weeks before the examinations.
  • Books are not to be retained during three major vacations.

Hospital Facility

School has well equipped infirmary established for more than 16 years. Presently managed by Sr. Lorain Mary, a well experienced General Nurse. Infirmary has facilities like first aid for minor and major problems such as,

  • Blood Pressure,
  • Injury Dressing,
  • Temperature Recording,
  • Weight and height Recording.

Children’s Park

The most talked about addition to the school is the mind-blowing new play area exclusively for the little ones. It has most amazing swings, giant slide, tunnel, ladders merry-go-round etc. to make it more eye catchy.

Play Ground

The school has a large and extensive play ground with facilities for playing football, cricket and athletics. The school has a Badminton court, Basketball court, Volley Ball court to facilitate the students to become a good sportsman.

Transport Facility

  • Conveyance facilities are arranged by the school for those residing in the village area but a seat in the bus is not guaranteed.
  • The school buses ply through the main roads, and stop at fixed places. Therefore, arrangements must be made by the guardian to bring the children to the bus stop and take home.
  • Conveyance facilities cannot be extended
  • Even for the partial use of the conveyance fees of 11 months will be charged. Conveyances facilities will be withheld for disciplinary reasons.